We are a group of churches and church-leaders in North Yorkshire who long to see our county filled with gospel-loving and serving congregations. We love the Lord, and this part of the world, and long for others here to discover him.

This is our job. God has put us here at this time, in this place, to do this job. We’re all individually wrestling with the busyness and problems as well as the opportunities of our own churches. If we stay like that, nothing will be done for the needs of unreached places. If we come together to think, share knowledge, pray, start to plan, identify areas, personnel, partnerships, avenues of support, and so on, then who knows what the Lord will achieve in the coming years?

Our dream is to see Jesus glorified, loved and delighted in all across our county, and every town in North Yorkshire being reached by a gospel-centred, Jesus-loving, Jesus-preaching community of believers. We’d love you to join with us in praying, plotting and working together until by God’s grace we see that happen. See our Events page for ways you can get connected.


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